SYSTERM started its activity in 1992 in hydrothermal field with exclusive distribution of multilayer pipe WELCO-Flex and WELCO-Teck, cross-linked Polyethylene Tubing WELCO-Pex (tubes produced by the German company Hewing) and with the production of its brass fittings.First company in Italy to produce fittings crimped WOPREX (1994) for multilayer pipe, gets then, in 1997, the prestigious certification by the German DVGW (Deutsher Varien des Gas-und Wasserfaches and v.), then complete the distribution of multilayer pipe with a wide and complete range of fittings and with all the necessary accessories to distribution systems.

In 1999 the company has made great investments to allow a significant expansion of the line radiant heating.In addition to the classic floor system using EPS boards of different thickness, on the Systerm Catalogue you can find also the wall heating systems made with SYSTERM-WALL modules and SY 18 an innovative dry heating system.

With just 18 mm thick the SY 18 is a good choice when restructuring or in cases where you do not have the classic 8 cm for the insertion of a heating system with radiant panels.

In 2007 introduces WELCO-Dual manifold  a coplanar brass plumbing patented and available in different configurations to adapt to any situation.In 2009 Systerm gets the approval of the WELCO-Gas pipe and WOPREXGas fittings for use in gas installations for domestic purposes and at the same time presents WELCO-Meter, a complete line of systems of accounting and control for centralized power.

From 2011 Systerm expands its line of manifolds presenting Mammuth TopDown, booster groups compact specially designed to be easily installed in the enclosure.Thanks to their extreme modularity you can configure the derivation of MammuthTopDown  with direct   relaunch, fixed-point relaunch or raise relaunch .